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Chairman Message:


Worth and value if education is as old as time immemorial. Even the very first man Hazrat Adam (A.S) was the first Learner and GOD himself, the first Teacher. All religions, civilization, ethics, philosophies, communities,and societies never denied the importance and significance of education. Quite lucky and fortunate are those men and institutions which are contributing in this holy and prophet like Process. No doubt, there shall not come any other  Preachers, after MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H). Since, He (P.B.U.H) is the last One even His  great whish was, In this Regard, Cambridge College is Playing its vital role in the best possible Manner simultaneously keeping in view all the cherish able dreams and objectives of religion Islam and ever increasing requirements and needs of coming modern sciences and information. It is no any exaggeration or false claim that Cambridge College Pakpattan is a torch bearer with its legendary role and claim of being  “The Right Path to Excellence”

Insha’Allah, future history will record its verdict in favor of Cambridge College Pakpattan that this institute is the only option of visionary minded students, loving parents and veterans of education.

Message From Principal

Cambridge College Pakpattan was established in 1999. Its amazing development into full fledge college in the past ninteen years shows intense aspiration that exist in the student community wishing to undertake I.T. Economics, Science & Art Career, through this college. The College is fully cognizant of its needs to have Talented, Experience and Well-Qualified faculty to impart first class education. Its Policies on imparting education faculty requirements and student evaluation of the faculty meet the incredible standard. It is a matter of great pleasure to meet and congratulate the students in anticipation of the admission to Cambridge College. For any one seeking the educational institution, where he can discipline his sensibility, refine his vision and graduate into maturity.

Cambridge College is the only natural choice in Pakpattan. It stands towering among comparable institutions in providing instructions of a high order at all levels and in attending its opportunities of over all development in a disciplined and peaceful atmosphere.

I pray for the students of the nation to succeed in every walk of life.


We are Offering wide Range of Courses and Advance Study Material. A Startup of Study From Cambridge is a way to excellence.


Daily Presentations and Assignments become the student Experienced. Due to Our Conceptual Study Our Students Knowledge is more than Best in IQ Level


It is one of our fundamentals that research must be made a primary course for the students to explore more about their respective disciplines

Check & Balance

We have Our Own Student, Parent & Teacher Software to Inform Parents of Every Activity of Student Directly by Teacher. It explores the discipline in Students